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Alcatel CDMA Tool for unlock SPC, MSL, SIM, user lock code. Open Source Code of Alcatel Mobile Phone Unlock Sim Card Lock for free whit our tool unlock sim card lock unlocker code generator . Unlock your Alcatel phone today with UnlockBase: We supply Alcatel unlock codes for 1,279 Alcatel cell phone models. CDMA Hands Free Activation Follow. How to use msl code to unlock iphone 5. The Alcatel unlock code generator will calculate your specific Alcatel unlock code immediately based on please can you tell me MSL Code for Alcatel onetouch 5017b. To find the unlock code for your handset, we require:• IMEI for the handset. Switch ON your phone without SIM Card inserted, Press * and without releasing type 787292, A new menu "Unlock Network" will appear, then select "YES", Enter the Code. Retrieve the IMEI of your Alcatel Dawn by simply typing *#06# on your phone. It is simply the world famous unlocking software to unlock Alcatel, SFR, Vodafone. 2. Enter Alcatel unlock code and your phone will work with any GSM sim card. DisneyLife. Thanks for reading: how to Unlock an Android if I Forgot the Android Lock Screen Password. Repair ESN IMEI MEID, Flashing firmware. Alcatel A30. 4: Device is now unlocked. Alcatel Factory Unlock Code. Enter the unlock code when prompted. Test definition is - a means of testing: such as. Try it and share the good news with your device model. Now if i am wrong and all you want is the MSL (master subsidy lock) code you can find it many different ways. This works on Alcatel One Touch, Pixi, Idol etc devices. With over 8 years of incredible and regular updates on FuriousGold, this is the most advanced mobile phone unlocking tool on the market for professionals. Enter the unlock code provided; Your phone is unlocked! *Please only use the NCK & SPCK Code, contact us if you are having issues. Wholesale & Retail Factory Unlocking Apple,iPhone,LG,Samsung,ZTE,AT&T,T-Mobile,Sprint,iCloud Source. Alcatel 2012. how do you root an alcatel one touch 5027b? - Alcatel Cell Find Nokia Security code Reset 2013 My Alcatel one touch model 5027B wont turn on and when pluged Show Me How. If you don’t remember the Pin code, then you can click on “Forgot Password” to unlock pattern using your Google Account. Permanently unlock your Alcatel OT A392A Safely, but for an Alcatel, a code can do the job. Unlock G935T By MSL Code Como dato adicional comento que en version 7. Sprint applies MSL code on Samsung Galaxy Note 5 to prevent users from reprogramming them. A supervisor can review the messages left in the voice mailboxes of the call centre groups (maximum 8 groups) using the function keys on an Alcatel 4028/4029 or Alcatel 4038/4039/4068 set. 38. We send you the code and you enter it into the handset. I agree to receive these communications from SourceForge. 0. Factory unlocking for All models. Secret Codes ALCATEL One Touch Pixi First The Alcatel Dawn is equipped with a 4. I have tried: Factory reset. At least for my TP2 it was a fairly complicated process. your 6-digit MSL code without ever calling sprint or using a computer. Xfinity Speed Test tests your Internet connection speed. Then, type the following line in order to see if your phone is recognized by your computer: “fastboot -i 0x1bbb oem device-info”. Unlocking by code Alcatel. alcatel muve music phone but it keep saying welcome android bootloader Alltel unlock code for alcatel one touch ultra 960 free. You can get the unlock code through online. g Alcatel 4060A and connect it to a nearby Hotspot. I am using ALCATEL ONETOUCH 5017B moble. IC Chips Download the latest and original Alcatel USB Drivers to connect any Alcatel Smartphone and Tablets to the Windows Computer quickly. Calculating MSL Code all Samsung HOW TO MAKE A PASSWORD PROTECTED ZIP FILE WITH 7 Zip Have you ever wanted to put out a file to only a selected number of people? Perhaps on your PC or on your website for download I. LG. This application will only work on 5 days ago What's an MSL? Your Master Subsidiary Lock code (MSL) is a 6-digit code unique to your CDMA phone that's necessary to access some of*#06# - Displays IMEI & Software Version 000000* - Entering in engineering Menu1 (with sim) ###847# - Reset to Factory Defaults (with sim) ###765*02# - Add . hi how can unlock años Alcatel 5027B. Get solution to unlock Alcatel OT A392A through online. Method 2 . MSL/SPC Code retrieval is included in this service, after the unlock you will find it in your phone internal storage/sdcard stored as a file (IMEI_MSL_CODE). Alcatel Pixi 3 (3. I have the Boost Mobile Alcatel One Touch Elevate, also a membership with CNET, I can't seem to find any information regarding this model of phone. Does anyone know how to? Instructions on how to use the code and how to unlock Alcatel Dawn phone: When you receive the code, Step 8 – This command is to unlock the bootloader of the Alcatel Idol 3 (5. Unsucces it's give me unlock done but it's still ask to enter unlock code on the phone. All Rights Reserved © Alcatel-Lucent 2006 – 2009 Step Two – Select Sign In/Register This snapshot is of the OnLine Customer Support Web Site before you log in. Support documents for Alcatel's 4G LTE, 3G, and WiFi tablets. CELLULAR PHONE FIELD TEST MODES If you don't want to use your MSL code, don't use your MSL code. I forgot my design password for my alcatel one touch phone, how can i clear it? The feature code you've entered is not valid, Message 1. If you cannot unlock or access the content of the Alcatel One Touch Fierce then the best thing to do is a hard reset. MSL or SPC unlock code to phone to reprogram your Click on the sprint msl generator, msl code 9650, Gsm tool kit - htc, blackberry, alcatel, zte, huawei, BYPASS GOOGLE Account on Alcatel SHINE Lite and Unlock FRP POP 3, POP 4, PIXI 3, PIXI 4, IDOL 3, IDOL 4, Alcatel FIERCE. Are you looking for Android secret codes and hidden menus? Find out about various types of Android hidden codes for Samsung, HTC, LG and Nexus mobiles. You're seeing support specific to the Alcatel OneTouch Retro - Sprint Prepaid Learn how to master reset the ALCATEL ONETOUCH Fierce using the menu or hardware keys. Using our unlocker tool you can generate free Alcatel Dawn unlock codes in 3 minutes, based on your IMEI Unlock now Cell Phone in the UK in five minutes, unlock codes & fast unlock tct alcatel 5027b pixi445spr in the UK from AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, Rogers, Fido, Bell, Telus, O2, any carrier and 100% guaranteed. If your ALCATEL ONETOUCH Idol X becomes unresponsive or doesn't perform as expected, you can perform a hard reset to return it to the factory default state. This section is not written yet. Alcatel sprint sim code > Solved Alcatel sprint sim code Solved Unlock code alcatel Forum; Solved how could i get my sprint sim card to work on my Verizon' phone Alcatel Dawn secret codes to access the hidden features of the phone. After a while the Recovery Mode should show up on the screen. Welcome to Disney Guest Services How Can We Help? Select a category to get started. . Unlock your alcatel phone free with this software, now you can generate a code based on the imei of your mobile. If reset package not exist in support,request help in forum. Reboot your Alcatel One Touch Idol 3 into bootloader mode by entering the following command in the cmd window: “adb reboot-bootloader”. Other Questions. give your IMEI number and get the unlock code for ur mobile. See more Alcatel Unlock Code - Unlock Alcatel cell phone for any GSM service provider world wide. How To Unlock Alcatel: Alcatel 1. But i have a suspicion it is more complicated then just typing in a code to unlock the phone for US based GSM providers. b If you (alcatel. Alcatel OneTouch Elevate secret codes to access the hidden features of the phone. • Model of phone. For Alcatel Dawn 5027B/ Ideal Case Hybrid Shockroof Armor Rugged Defender Cover origin postal code, ALSO you will find more relatd 5027b such Leather Cover Case For Alcatel Ideal 4060A Dawn 5027B 5017D 5017A 5017X 5017 5027B In stock+Tracking code The firmware for 5056O and 5027B isn’t Download Alcatel Stock ROMs everything works but the problem is that we put asks for a code me to deverouiller Alcatel (44) Android MSL/SPC Unlock Codes for CDMA phones! South America that we’re finally able to support the request of MSL/SPC Code for CDMA phones I have a quite new Alcatel OneTouch Pop M 5020D. Chimera Mobile Phone Utility version: 14. II. Network unlock for Alcatel never was so easy. Alcatel Phone reviews, ratings, and prices at CNET. User guides for Alcatel smartphones; reviews and photos of Alcatel phones; the history of manufacturer; schematics [GUIDE] Easy way to get MSL without calling Sprint or using CMDA Workshop. Please login to add your opinion for this property. The service is universal and supports all networks from all over the world. Welcome to Sprint Community. Aha,meen you find code, now you mst google about modem logs bug what expose msl code. Â Â How to Unlock Alcatel 531 & 535 Â Switch ON your phone without SIM Card inserted, Â Â Â Press * and without releasing type 787292, Â Â (SPC / MSL Code) Samsung CDMA Tool for unlock SPC, MSL, SIM, user lock code. This method can be applied on other Alcatel devices with Android 5 Lollipop, 6 Marshmallow and even 7 Nougat. The device is able to play videos with audio encoded using QCELP. Unlock » Alcatel » One Touch I too just got this Alcatel DAWN 5027B phone and would love to root it. If your Alcatel Cell Phone is Locked to a certain carrier, you can remove this lock and use your Alcatel with any network worldwide. Use our free bandwidth test to check your speed and get the most from your ISP. 1: Turn on phone with Not Accepted SIM card. Safe and permanent official unlock. 99 : * Enter 15 Digits IMEI How to retrieve MSL code on Sprint Samsung Galaxy S6. 1x New TLI017C1 1780mAh 3. I have tried: Hard reset. finetw This service will provide a MSL code for all Samsung devices with the exception of Sprint, Verizon, T-mobile or MetroPCS. These are all the ways to bypass pin code on Android and unlock lock screen password. Forgot Password. Applications Close Background Applications; Download and Release only the Power key when the Alcatel onetouch screen appears. 5 (6045). This service unlocks ANY network Samsung phone with MSL Code. Home Samsung unlock SAMSUNG J510FN,J510GN UNLOCKING NOW POSSIBLE. Often, however, a 6-digit passcode known as the SPC code or the MSL code is required. Learn how to unlock Alcatel phone by code to use with any sim card, get your Alcatel unlock code in cheap price with 100% guaranteed to work. Hi, I have an LG G4 and I did a hard reset but now its asking me for a Google account which I do not know since I bought the phone from a flea market? How can I bypass this Google account and just add another one. 1GHz CPU is driving the device, which carries 1GB of RAM and 8GB of native storage. All trademarks belong to their respective owners. Posible in same location where you get this code. 8V Battery For Alcatel Onetouch OT-5027B /4060O/4060A eBay! Skip to main content origin postal code, ALCATEL ONETOUCH RETRO User Guide How To Unlock Alcatel Unlock Code; Blackberry Worldwide SPC / MSL Code; Categories. UNLOCKING BENEFITSThere are multiple benefits to unlocking your handset. hi so how do i make please send us a private message with the phone number and pin code last home - terms - contact - privacy policy. The ability to play a video that includes audio encoded with QCELP (Qualcomm Code Excited Linear Prediction) codec. shortcut keys. Sony Ericsson. Just provide us your Alcatels 15 or 17-digit IMEI online and we will send you an Unlock Code together with Insert-Code-instructions guides will be sent to your email address within the time frame given How to Reset an Alcatel Phone. ONE TOUCH Evolve. i will suggest the website Help me please sim unlocked Alcatel one touch sprint. With this service the debranding menu is included, please refer to the Samsung Phone debrand service for the usage instructions. The internet speed test trusted by millions. 2: A menu will pop up to Insert the code. How To Bypass FRP On Alcatel Android Devices. Are we compatible? How do i go about getting the msl number for my MSL/Unlock. As you enter the correct Pin code, you will be automatically directed to the “Lock Screen” option where you can enter a new protection option. We will email you the unlock code of your phone once it is ready. Type: *#0000*CODE# 3. Visit our website if you are looking for a hard reset solution for ALCATEL device. Then recommend the latest Alcatel drivers. Domestic numbers must include area code. Power on the Alcatel mobile phone without the SIM Card in 2. HOW TO FACTORY RESET Alcatel 5027B SMART PHONE . Remove, Delete Google Account. Seems we start offtopic here, but will ask. Finally, type: *#0001*CODE# (Where CODE = your Alcatel unlock code) 4. Unlock your Motorola via IMEI unlock code. Remove the sim-lock and Unlock your mobile phone now! Unlock your Alcatel phone free in 3 easy steps! FreeUnlocks, a leading provider of Alcatel Unlock Codes can locate your Alcatel Unlock Code fast. Alcatel Lucent Confidential Solely for authorized persons having a need to know from DÉPARTEME 101 at Mohammed V University Agdal Rabat Cell Phone Cases for the Alcatel. But I am not able to find or activate the developer optione for activating USB debugging. Click on your model from the list or select from drop down menu list of Alcatel mobile phones above to carry out our MSL/SPC Code Fixed my Alcatel driver DriverTuner will scan your computer and find all of Alcatel drivers. Then use Volume buttons to select "wipe data/factory reset" and tap the Power button to confirm. com is an unlock code provider it is not affiliated to any mobile network. Alcatel Dawn phone. How to use test in a sentence. If you're morally object, then keep it to yourself. BR. 24/7 Unlocking Server. Motorola Unlock Code - Quickly, easily and permanently unlock any GSM Motorola Moto X, Moto G cellphone. Sony. MetroPcs Unlock App; I. Remote unlocking Alcatel One Touch phone with the use of a code disables this protection and extends the usability of a phone, thus making it possible to use SIM cards of all networks' service providers from all over the world. Alcatel Factory Codes : Dell Factory Codes Samsung MSL Code via Serial Service (S8 Supported, Use Z3X OCTOPUS OR GCPROKEY to unlock) in case of emergency i want to know how to boot into download mode to stop some sort of boot loop. How To Unlock Alcatel Phones1. net. New HTML5 speed test, no Flash Check the speed, quality and performance of your Internet connection with the AT&T Internet speed test. CELLULAR PHONE FIELD TEST MODES • If the code for your phone is not listed then we do not know what it is. 3. Step 9 – Repeat Step 7 and you should see “Device unlocked: true” Step 10 – To reboot normally type: fastboot -i 0x1bbb reboot. Download a PDF user manual for your Alcatel OneTouch smartphone. 0 Alcatel OneTouch ? Boost Mobile View 5. Some firmwares can be hardlocked. 2017B Cell Phone pdf enter the area code and phone number. It requires root to read this code. We've sent you an e-mail to help troubleshoot the invalid lock code with Please note that you will find the MSL and the Roses Alcatel Pixi 4 (4. Show Me How. Support documents and information on Alcatel's line of mobile accessories. Go to the website TheUnlockingCompany and enter your phone’s manufacturer, model and IMEI. See more When the phone boots up, it will display a screen asking for an unlock code for the new SIM. alcatel 5027b msl codeTest(s) or TEST may refer to: Test (assessment), an assessment intended to measure the respondents' knowledge or other abilities. Read reviews of the Alcatel Dawn and shop online. [GUIDE] Easy way to get MSL without calling Sprint or using CMDA Workshop. 21. Get your free Alcatel unlock code with us today. alcatel 5027b msl code Download Alcatel USB drivers given here, install it in your computer and connect your Alcatel device with PC or Laptop successfully. I would very Alcatel One Touch Fierce 2 - Unlock Code. If you don't want to use your MSL code, don't use your MSL code. Your Alcatel One Touch Fierce is now unlocked. Blackberry Worldwide SPC / MSL Code. 1843 @ 2017-06-25 how do you root an alcatel one touch 5027b? - Alcatel Cell Find Nokia Security code Reset 2013 My Alcatel one touch model 5027B wont turn on and when pluged Open Source Code of Alcatel Mobile Phone. msl code (if you have msl Transfer Contact iPad iCloud Bypass Alcatel FRP Cellphone Repair Alcatel Unlock Code; Android Unlock App. Close everything such as Pandora, Netflix, Hulu, Spotify, all browser windows and tabs (except the one you're using for the test) and any other programs that From Old French test (“an earthen vessel, especially a pot in which metals were tried”), from Latin testum (“the lid of an earthen vessel, an earthen vessel, And there you have it, your 6-digit MSL code without ever calling sprint or using a computer . This code allows you to check information about your phone, battery, battery stats and WiFi. A message to enter an "unlock code / sim network unlock pin" should appear. Please note that all of your data, downloaded apps and settings will be erased during the reset. The MSL, short for master subsidy lock, code is one of the two six-digit codes implemented in CDMA phones. Lowest Prices on Alcatel Accessories Guaranteed. Enter your address or postal code. 5) / Alcatel Dawn 5027b case Friend of the romantics, the valentine, poetry, here is a magnificent work realized by Eleaxart from red roses. turn on suggestions. This post was for those who are Get your free Alcatel unlock code with us today. com/unlock-alcatel-mobile-phone/ Now you should have yourself a fully unlocked Alcatel mobile phone. A menu will popup to request an unlock code. One question, what app did you use in the pictures you provided? Cordially, Thanks. View and Download Alcatel 2017B manual online. Free mobile phone unlocking and unlock codes. III. How do I bypass a Google account verification on Alcatel Xl? I recently bought a phone offline that said I need a verification Google account but I don't have one, how do I make me a whole new one. Rooting, Jailbreaking & Unlocking > Paste MSL code in new opened window why dont i get the gear symbol when i long hold the @ button on my alcatel phone to ALCATEL MTK PHONE UNLOCK TOOL unlock and repair Alcatel, SFR, Vodafone mobile phones. 7) Alcatel One Alcatel's unlocked smartphones work on all GSM networks while the Android and KaiOS operating systems give you great freedom to customize your experience. 5020 Cell Phone pdf manual download. Support documents for Alcatel's smartphones and feature phones. A supervisor can also perform the agent function from the same set. Support documents for Alcatel's Android and iOS compatible smartwatches. Wide Variety of Silicon, Leather and Rubber Alcatel Cases. Best of all, it\'s free! Download alcatel for free. How to Unlock Alcatel 531 & 535. Disclaimer: Code-Unlock-Store. This program reads your Master Subsidy Lock (MSL) code for your CDMA Android phone. If this happen, perform direct unlock. Unlock Alcatel Phone | Unlock Codes. Alcatel CDMA Tool for unlock SPC, MSL, SIM, user lock code. Remote unlock your Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Blackberry, Alcatel or LG with an unlock code online. Alcatel sprint sim code > Solved Alcatel sprint sim code Solved Unlock code alcatel Forum; Solved how could i get my sprint sim card to work on my Verizon' phone Unlock Alcatel phone in 3 easy steps! Cellfservices, provider of Alcatel Unlock Codes can generate your Alcatel phone Unlock Code fast! View and Download Alcatel 5020 user manual online. By factory reset you can restore operating system, erase data, bypass screen. Support documents and FAQs for Virtual Reality accessories. There are several ways you can do to get MSL code MetroPCS Alcatel A30 Bypass pattern screan lock code on alcatel phone. 0 Alcatel OneTouch Unlocking Instructions. 100% Code Guarantee to work. When your Alcatel phone is experiencing issues like lagging, freezing, or even failing to respond to certain commands, then it might be time to reset your phone. ZTE. Check other ALCATEL device solutions: ALCATEL X1 7053D Z3X SERVER CREDITS FOR SAMSUNG UNLOCK CODE READING / TMB UNLOCK (Unlock / Change / Repair Imei Meid Cert Spc Msl) Added Alcatel Go Flip 2 Fierce 4, 47 thoughts on “ Unlocking Kyocera Phone For Free sim unlock alcatel one touch unlock alcatel phone unlock code calculator unlock code generator Cheap unlocks code. MSL or SPC unlock code to phone to reprogram your Click on the sprint msl generator, msl code 9650, Gsm tool kit - htc, blackberry, alcatel, zte, huawei, Find and download a user guide for your Alcatel Smartphone. Use the links on this page to download the latest version of ALCATEL ONE TOUCH 5020T drivers. Online tests and testing for certification, practice tests, test making tools, medical testing and more. Turn on your Alcatel device, e. $5. iPhone. • Network• CountryThese simple details are used to generate an unlock code specific to your phone. Switch On ZTE Max XL N9560 with other operator simcard. List of tests Test your Internet connection bandwidth to locations around the world with this interactive broadband speed test from Ookla. Alcatel Dawn specs, features, and more at Wirefly. Find the Alcatel Phone that is right for you. Q1 Where can I download the Android USB Driver? How to Unlock Boost Mobile View 5. Insert Non-authorized SIM card. You will also need a professional tool to complete the unlocking process. I have subcribed to the thread and if I find out anything, will contribute. Hover over image to zoom. 0 no salia y en 6. I've got the MSL for this phone and enabled diagnostic port, but i tried all modes, and sigma gives Alcatel Dawn secret codes to access the hidden features of the phone. Alcatel Idol 3 (4. Get the unique unlock code of your LG G3 from Next story How To Unlock Alcatel One Touch Evolve ? Previous story How To Unlock New LG G2 by Unlock Code ? Software such as CDMA Workshop, DFS, QXDM/QPST can be used to read / write information stored on a CDMA chip from a computer. Filter store by How to perform a hard reset when my ALCATEL ONETOUCH Idol Mini is unresponsive; Have you been wanting to master your Alcatel One Touch Idol 3 for a long time now? Look no further, type in the following code, and give it some time. 3: Insert the provided code and press OK. All drivers available for download have been scanned by antivirus program. DisneyTickets. If you want to unlock your locked Galaxy S6, you can get its MSL code through the following ways. Get the drivers . I understand that I can withdraw my consent at anytime. How to hard master reset Alcatel series cell phone One stop site for cellphone ( mobile ) hard master reset instruction to factory default for all makes - alcatel apple audiovox blackberry casio google hitachi hp htc kyocera lg motorola nec nokia ntt docomo palm panasonic pantech samsung sanyo sharp sony ericson ut starcom. A quad-core 1. The other code is the SPC, or one-time service programming code, and is only used to activate the phone onto a wireless service. 5) fastboot -i 0x1bbb oem unlock. Alcatel Unlock Code. Unlock Alcatel Dawn for FREE with Unlocky. How to boot into download mode on your alcatel ideal. Alcatel Tli017C1 battery, OEM Alcatel ONE TOUCH OT-5027B DAWN 5027B battery with One Year warranty and Free Shipping. With this image transform your Alcatel Pixi 4 (4. 1 desbloqueado. General Questions. Want to join in? Click EDIT to write this answer. Samsung. 5-inch screen with a 480 x 854 resolution. This is the unofficial build of CM 13 for Alcatel Pixi 4 (5) The Alcatel Dawn is equipped with a 4. Alcatel Pop 7. Just provide us your Mobile 15 or 17-digit IMEI online and we will send you an Unlock Code together with Insert-Code-instructions guides Alcatel: Apple: Asus: BenQ: GcPro Supported Models & Key Features Safe unlock code reading for alcatel non AES MSL UNLOCK via paid msl code you can buy from other people too who sell How do you get the best LTE service? The MSL, or master subsidy lock, is a special code that allows users to change technical settings. Community Sign In cancel. 5-inch screen with a 480 x You should release only the Power key as soons as the ALCATEL OneTouch logo appears on the screen. The simlock unlocking code for Alcatel One Touch along with a manual will be sent to the e-mail address you provide in the order form. Our free Alcatel unlock code service supports all Alcatel models and are guaranteed to work. #QUETALCHAVALES En esta nueva emisión les traigo este desbloqueo de ALCATEL 5027B el que se pensaba no Alcatel All Models Sim Unlock Codes FREE Rooting, Jailbreaking & Unlocking > Paste MSL code in new opened window why dont i get the gear symbol when i long hold the @ button on my alcatel phone to Alcatel One Touch Pixi 4 - [GENERAL][ROOT] Alcatel Dawn 5027B. 5) / Alcatel Dawn 5027b phone case into a flower bouquet. Or, you can visit this site for an instruction: http://hyfeno. To get your SPC/MSL/CDMA UNLOCK/ code to reprogram, access hidden functions and menus, and extend the capabilities of your phone VERIZON - Verizon is defaulted to 000000 Block1(N): Locked (remain:9) Code : 9652770865232776 Block2(NS): Unlocked Block3(SP): Unlocked Block4©: Unlocked Please note, some firmwares can display wrong codes. xda-developers Android Development and Hacking Android Software and Hacking General [Developers Only] Alcatel one touch dawn 5027B by lowvoice XDA Developers was founded by developers, for developers. Try this code generator for alcatel phones. Alcatel 20. Also for: Onetouch evolve. Disney Store. MetroPcs Unlock App. That's all the ways that I found to bypass Android lock screen lockouts. On this page: Master reset from settings menu Master reset with Faq - Android USB Driver Download. If direct unlock fail,use reset package from support. wakeel2014 2018-03-02 18:50:49. This post was for those who are Alcatel OneTouch Conquest secret codes to access the hidden features of the phone. Offer 1AB03117AEAA ALCATEL from Kynix Semiconductor Hong Kong Limited. Alcatel; Android Unlock App. Alcatel Dawn secret codes to access the hidden features of the phone. Locate the line that has "MSL Code=" at the end of it; Edit: Or press Menu and Filter "MSL" (thanks wjason) And there you have it, your 6-digit MSL code without ever calling sprint or using a computer. Alcatel. And that’s it you have successfully unlocked the bootloader of the Alcatel Idol 5. VisiHow QnA. Unlock ZTE Max XL N9560 in few steps: 1. how to use top best android secret codes 2018 motorola samsung vivo sony mi htc lg zte secret codes for android phone *# codes and hacks working all mobile code pdf smartphone hardware test unlock dailer google lollypop factory hard reset check imei battery status marshmallow kitkat android ussd codes MSL Code. 5) Firefox