Top 3 Safest Countries in the World

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Let me tell you that America is the most powerful & safest country in the whole world. United States has a modern weapon, many are making bunker to protect their countrymen. They protects its citizens from nuclear bombs & any war & attack. America never forgets the oppression that its citizens have taken & it takes Juror to take revenge over the enemies.

2. Russia

Do you know Russia is the second most powerful country in the whole world. It has many powerful weapons & nuclear missiles that can win over any country that come against it. Russia’s geography is made in such a way that no enemy can cross over it.

3. Israel

Israel is the third powerful & safest country in the whole world. Who has the power to avoid & save every war. Israel is given the blessings that it can overcome any country in the whole world. Israel never leaves the enemies who harm their citizens. This is one of the best & safest countries in the whole world.

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These three countries are top 3 safest countries in the whole world. America is the safest country of the world.

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